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Established in 1995 by Dr. Mohit Hegde, Creative Infotech carries a large experience in providing consultation to educational institutions on redefining teaching and learning experience using digital tools and technology. A dedicated team of Apple certified Trainers and curriculum specialists design and deliver the curriculum that helps the students in developing futuristic skill set.


To bridge the Skill-Gap between Education And Industry Requirement and to redefine Teaching  And Learning Experience


To  help every child become Academically Strong, Technically Skilled, Emotionally Intelligent, and Equipped with 21st Century Skills

Curriculum and Solution Experts

Educational Consultancy

Center of Excellence

Strives to empower every learner with futuristic skills that are relevant for the 21st Century. Helps to skill-up to pursue his/her dream career

Hybrid Learning Solutions

Powerful school automation system with versatile dashboard, adapting to hybrid-learning model

Higher Education

Skilling the students according to industry requirements with cutting-edge tech topics


Enhanced teaching learning experiences, on best-suited platform, with infrastructure



Re-skilling the corporates with various certifications, like iOS App Development, Mac OS certifications

Innovation in Institutions

Innovation - Leadership

Learning, teaching and environment are the three main areas where the innovation could bring about a bounty of benefits to the institution.

When technology is “integrated deliberately and comprehensively into teaching and learning”, the benefits include supporting student achievement, building 21st century skills, engaging students in both learning and content creation, increasing the access to education, virtual communities, and expertise, fostering inclusion, helping prevent dropouts, facilitating differentiated instruction, empowering learning and research in critical STEM fields, strengthening career and technical education, extending the learning day, improving teacher quality, and enabling diagnostic, timely, and innovative assessments.

Facilitating Innovation

School Level Leadership

The journey of innovation, begins with o meeting between our team and the leadership team of the institution. Developing strategies for the seven leadership elements – vision, culture, capacity, team, community, finance and measure is the main agenda of the leadership meeting. During this meeting, we train the leadership team at your school, to plan the elements which help you drive and shape innovation in your school. 

During the first six months of the deployment we support leadership team through our training and consultation, to set the foundations of an innovative school.

Leadership Elements



A clear vision captures the school’s goal of where it wants to be in the future, its
aspirations for learning, teaching, and the school environment. 



Take time to understand your school’s culture to anticipate how your community reacts to change.



Assess the growth potential of people, programs, and systems before you adopt, implement, and expand new practices.



A team of influencers and innovators help map out and implement your vision and keep the community engaged.




Community buy-in and support help you build, sustain, and inspire the momentum behind continuous innovation.



Identifying your goals and how to measure progress toward them helps you share successes and identify areas to improve.



Bringing technology into your school is more than a one-time event. You’re creating new opportunities for learning, teaching, and the school environment that need to be financially sustained and developed over time.


How Planning the Leadership Elements help?

Innovative leaders approach change holistically. They’re proactive about the work, see around corners, and consider all aspects of their schools when implementing something new. When leaders leverage technology to design new learning, teaching, and an innovative environment, they also consider the foundations that these are built on while Developing strategies for a future school. 


Curriculum and Solution Experts​

Empowering Educators



Apple Certified Trainers

Empowering Students



Project Happiness

Empowering students with the resources to create greater happiness within themselves and the world. The main aim of project happiness is to make the students socially and emotionally competent. They are skilled in five core areas: they are self-aware and socially aware, are able to regulate emotions, have good relationship skills, demonstrate responsible decision-making throughout all areas of life, and can set and monitor progress towards goals.Social Emotional Learning which is a process for helping students develop the fundamental skills for life-effectiveness is addressed.

Career Connect / Internship

Career  Connect program at COE provides the student with real workplace experience, technical skills, soft skills. Our proven process makes the student “job ready” or progress towards becoming an entrepreneur, placing him/her ahead of others in the job market for future opportunities. Linking classrooms to real-world experiences by connecting students to industry experts will educate them about careers and help them find the “why” behind learning. Certification Courses that enrich the profiles of the students are also hosted by COE.

Certification courses


This certification gives you a competitive edge in today’s evolving job market. It will enable you to benefit from the power of the Apple brand. The Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification is designed for help desk professionals, technical coordinators, and power users who support macOS users, manage networks, or provide macOS technical support


This certification prepares participants to become certified in troubleshooting and repairing Mac computers. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants learn macOS setup, maintenance, features, and associated services. Participants also learn how to troubleshoot macOS and Mac hardware, and repair Mac computers


Learn to use the iWork writing and graphics tools to create beautiful documents. This suite of productivity tools includes Pages for producing professional documents, Numbers for spreadsheets, tables and charts, and Keynote for high-quality presentations.

iOS App Development

Mobile App development for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, using Swift language and Xcode IDE. It covers basic to advanced programming concepts like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, real time databases, frameworks like Sprite Kit, Core ML and Augmented Reality

Institutional Support

Empowering Environment




LMS is designed keeping the challenges of teaching and learning in mind and it facilitates the management, delivery, and measurement of curriculum delivery and outcomes.


MIS plays a very important role in the current educational system. Your institution will be underrated if you don’t use School/College Management Software. Technologically updated institution would have a positive impact on the teachers, students, and parents.


MDM enables an organisation to securely enrol devices in an educational or corporate environment, wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor organisation policy compliance, deploy apps and books, and remotely wipe or lock managed devices.


JAMF is a mobile device management solution for Mac, iPad and iPhone devices at work. Our on-demand solution makes tasks like securing company data, distributing apps, enforcing passcodes, and deploying Wi-Fi, simple and affordable, so you can focus on your business instead.


A firewall is a security device — computer hardware or software — that can help protect your network by filtering traffic and blocking outsiders from gaining unauthorized access to the private data on your computer


Infrastructure focuses on extensive Performance in wireless and continue to lead the industry in performance innovation.

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