A team is a reflection of its leadership

What do we help you with?

The spark for innovation from the Leadership Team has to be spread to the minds of all stakeholders so that the progress towards innovation is sustainable. This can be accomplished with a team that shares responsibility, plan, implement, inspire and keep the community engaged. During the Leadership meeting, we help you identify the lead person and the team members who could lead the planning around each Leadership element.

What does it lead to?

Innovation at School

The implementation of a tech vision that leads to innovation can be catalysed with an efficient team. The team should communicate well, plan, define strategies, and implement them. The team should be able to influence and motivate all the stakeholders in the community.



Teamwork is a major player in technological integration and innovation. It involves helping other members of the team to achieve a common goal quickly and effectively. Teams work strategically and efficiently to make sure the initiative is implemented successfully. Individuals work to create something together that they could not have done alone.

Advocate for the Vision

The teams create conditions where individual ideas are heard, built upon, challenged, and debated. They advocate for the vision of the Leadership team among the community.

Team - Advocate
Team - Success

Celebrate Success

Each step towards innovation calls for celebration. Initially, teachers use technology in the classrooms to explore new ways to approach teaching. Further, they integrate technology to deepen learning and teaching practices. Furthermore, they redefine their roles with innovative uses of technology.

Building Community

A community is a group of people connecting to each other, to their leaders, and an idea. The teams that are responsible for each leadership element, advocate for the vision and aids in building the community. As a result, teachers, students, and parents connect to the tech vision from the Leadership Team. 


Leadership Meeting

Identifying the Lead person and team members for each of the Leadership elements and documenting it, is the next step in the Leadership Meeting. It helps in identifying the stage in which the school’s team is, at present – Define, Develop or Sustain. It also helps to document and implement further steps in the direction of innovation.

Identifying the Current state of innovation Team


A cross-functional team has been created and charged with the development and execution of a plan to implement the new vision.


The team consistently executes, monitors and adjusts organisational efforts in support of the plan.


The team looks round corners and over the horizon to evaluate new ideas and practices that should be incorporated into the work that’s being done.

prime components of an institution

Drafting the Innovation Team

With the guiding questions, we help you document the key stakeholders in your community, identify people who could lead the planning around each element, and the role of students in the planning and decision-making. When forming the team, include stakeholders who have expertise and interest in each element so they can lead the work. Some members who influence your community can be included too.

Outcomes of the Leadership Meeting

Leadership Elements

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