Building The Institution Capacity

What do we help you with?

Capacity building of an Institution involves understanding various aspects of the institution, including people, programs, and systems. Further steps include understanding the current capacity that can support change and what might still be needed. Effective capacity building needs change in all the spheres of Learning, Teaching, and the Environment. During the Leadership Meeting, we help you identify the current status, areas that require growth, and the processes to be incorporated to accomplish growth.

What does it lead to?

Current Initiatives

Listing out the current initiatives, technical capacities,  and infrastructure is the first step towards Building Capacity. Having holistic knowledge of the institution’s capacity will help you anticipate what you need to move forward.

Current Initiatives

A Collective Vision

Articulate the approach to building capacity in a way that everyone in the community can understand and support. Nurture a collective vision that is appreciated by motivated teachers, who in turn work with students to achieve high levels of learning. 


Digital Professional Development

Empowering the teachers with digital skills, technical skills, knowledge on pedagogy, and the latest teaching methodologies, enhances their abilities, skills, and expertise. They can be instrumental in teaching 21st Century skills to students.

Digital Professional Development
Tech Infrastructure

Tech Infrastructure

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in the success of any new initiative. Assessing the current infrastructure, identifying any additional support required is an essential part of Capacity Building.

Growth Mindset

People with Growth-Mindset preach and practice life-long learning. They see possibility instead of limitation. When faculty exhibit a growth mindset, they are more likely to establish high expectations for students, make instruction engaging and offer extra help when necessary

Growth Mindset
New initiatives

Scheduling The New initiatives

Implementing the envisioned new initiatives requires quite a lot of planning. Initiatives like Professional Development have to be accommodated in the teacher’s schedule. The schedule for each new initiative has to be well planned. 

Leadership Meeting

The Leadership meeting proceeds to capture the details about the current Capacity of the institution. We help you with guiding questions that provide an insight into the leadership commitment to start and sustain the effort towards innovation, ways of skilling the faculty members, and the capacity of the current faculty programs, etc. From an exhaustive set of parameters required for Capacity Building, we help you identify the areas that fall into the following Categories –  What you Have,    What you need, and Where you can grow.  It also helps identify the current stage of the institution’s capacity  – Define, Develop or Sustain.

Identifying the Current state of Capacity


The organisation has identified areas where development needs to occur, and plans are in place to improve expertise around student learning and school systems in general.


Ongoing capacity-building activities are provided with a high degree of involvement by teaching staff and leadership.


Staff and leadership are actively engaged in personalised or small-group activities that extend and support the organisation’s vision for learning.

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Outcomes of the Leadership Meeting

Leadership Elements

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