Vision - Principle element of Leadership

"Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could"

-Steve Jobs

What do we help you with?

During the leadership meeting, our team provides the leadership team of your school with Guiding Questions, so that the they can arrive at a clear plan of approach for Defining, Developing and Sustaining the vision with respect to all the spheres of Learning, Teaching and Environment. This exercise can spark your thinking about how technology might help you define or expand your vision for learning, teaching and your school environment.

What does it lead to?

Technology Integration

Graduate individuals who have the skills and the confidence to make good decisions so they can find success in and out of school — individuals who will contribute to society and have a positive impact on the world.

Technology Integration
Empowering teachers

Empowered Teachers

Understanding the priorities for teaching, defining the tech vision as well as measurable goals that will help in defining and achieving the vision. Charting out a detailed plan to empower the teachers with tech vision.


Teaching Approaches

Discussing the current teaching approaches followed like tech integration, project based learning, inquiry-based learning etc. and designing ways to enhance them with technology.

vision - Emp students
Learning approach - Vision

Empowered Students

Students enjoy the redefined learning experience, while gaining learning skills, literacy skills and life skills that are required to flourish in the 21st Century. 

Learning Approaches and Skills

Based on a discussion about current learning approaches followed and the vision of your Leadership team about the priorities for skills to be imparted to students, we will help you chalk out a plan to enhance the learning experience of the students with best learning approaches that are practiced world wide 

vision - Infra

Empowered Environment

Creation of an environment  that is secure, productive, reliable, dynamic, and that inspires innovative learning and teaching. 

Infrastructure Design

Considering the current environment to support instructional practices and learning goals. at the school, we help you devise the best plan for implementing the infrastructure that is innovative. 

Emp Environment

Leadership Meeting

Initially, a Leadership meeting is organised between the leadership team of your school and the team from Creative Infotech.The agenda of the meeting is to get a detailed plan for approach based on the leadership elements – Vision, Culture, Capacity, Team, Community, Measure and Finance. 

Identifying the Current state of Vision


A new vision for learning has been developed and is being shared across stakeholder groups.


Evidence supports the idea that the new vision is informing and altering practices at many levels throughout the institution.


All decisions made across the institution are in line with the vision, and there is widespread effort to continuously stretch and evolve

Defining Tech Vision

Vision, is an idea that articulates and helps you communicate your aspirations for learning, teaching and environment. It helps you build consensus among all stakeholders and inspire your community to embrace  the change and excel in the transformational journey towards achieving the tech vision.

The vision of the leadership team of your school might be similar to anyone of the following. Whatever is the vision, we help your institution expand what’s possible and make it a reality, with suitable technology.


prime components of an institution


The pandemic has brought transformation in each and every field. This requires students to be able to solve novel problems, work on interdependent teams and communicate using a range of media. Technology provides new and exciting ways to meet these challenges. It offers a wide range of possibilities to create deeper, more meaningful learning experiences for your students that will prepare them to be productive, empowered creators in the future workplace and in the world.

 During the leadership meeting, the priorities for learning are discussed, the tech vision is defined as well as measurable goals that will help in defining and achieving the vision are documented. The lead person and the team from the Leadership team for developing this principal element (Vision), will be  noted. Further, steps in developing this element will be discussed and listed out.

The Approaches to Learning that are followed, Student Skills addressed  currently, newer approaches and skills that the Leadership team envisions,  are documented. 

Approaches to learning
Approaches to Learning
Skills addressed
Skills Addressed


When teachers have access to technology, they’re empowered to do great things. They can explore their subjects more deeply, utilise curriculum resources from a wide range of leading institutions worldwide, and create immersive learning experiences to spark the curiosity of their students. Technology also supports teachers, inspiring them to devise innovative ways of teaching , to enhance the learning experience of the students  as well as conceptual understanding. With professional learning and instructional design with technology, schools are able to raise the bar for what’s possible in classrooms and beyond.

Vision Teaching
Approaches to Teaching


With Instructional design, teachers will be able to create effective, engaging learning experiences. Dynamic, interactive and media-rich resources help teachers plan and organise lessons that create new opportunities for students. Innovative lesson design uses technology to support the development of higher-order thinking skills.


Professional learning provides a range of opportunities for teachers to learn both independently and collaboratively. Enhancing the knowledge about Pedagogical Approaches, Instructional Design, teaching methodologies, creation of digital lesson plans, and digital assessments, elevates their teaching skills.

During the Leadership Meeting, the priorities for Approaches to teaching and timeline for Professional Learning  is documented.

Approaches to Teaching 2
Professional Learning Opportunities


Innovative schools create technology-rich environments that support fundamental learning and teaching needs. Innovative environments also inspire teachers and learners to try new things. Learning spaces and infrastructure are designed with intention. They’re innovative not only on their own, but make all other innovative practices possible.

Vision - Environment
Technology-rich environment

Learning Spaces

Physical and digital spaces define teaching and  learning experiences. These spaces can inspire students to innovate, create solutions to real-world problems, working collaboratively or independently. They can also be designed to support 
the unique needs of every learner. 

Infrastructure Design

Schools need tools, resources and systems that help IT staff, admin and teachers manage a technology-rich environment. Managing the devices used by staff and students, seamless sharing of the content across devices, securing the data, managing network connectivity are all components of infrastructure design. 

During the Leadership Meeting, the current environment at school is discussed and the priorities for additional infrastructure is documented. Timeline for the workflow is also documented.

Outcomes of the Leadership Meeting

Leadership Elements

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