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Digital Professional Development

Learn and Teach in the Digital Age

Our Digital Professional Development Program is created to empower the educators to take full advantage of 21st century learning/ teaching methodology using all new technological advancements. Our DPD is conducted by providing intensive class room show, explain & ask activities and discussions. Educators try out new ideas in a supportive environment and gain fresh perspectives on their own experiences of teaching and learning. There will be an emphasis on learner-led group formation, and the use of social media to build personal learning networks and communities of peers.

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making a start

In order for us to see how we can raise the bar for technology in learning, it’s important to have a common understanding of the world we live in today, areas where technology can have a more significant impact in learning, and how we’re supporting and working with schools around the world.

Our curriculum will provide early opportunities for teachers to develop the foundational skills that will help them to start innovating teaching and learning using tech.
Trainers and Educators will work together to encourage and support students as they develop the core skills and competences using technology.
Our leadership sessions will help the educational institutions to realise their academic mission through transformative teaching and learning practices.
Our training delivery is inline with current industry practices, this gives faculty first hand experience on how Learning & Development happens in various prestigious institutes across the globe. 

Digital Age

Being a creator

Creating with purpose, to solve problems or express oneself.

Creating is nothing new

Students make papers, presentations and projects all the time.

Digital space

Giving the space for students to be creators has been hard to scale in the past.


New opportunities

There are new opportunities for students to see themselves as creators.

Current Trends in Education

Our Training Approach


21st Century Teaching & Learning
21st-century learning paradigm offers an opportunity to synergize the margins of the content vs. skills debate and bring it into a framework that dispels these seperations.


Blended Learning
Through blended learning, online and instructor-led training is complementary and creates an integrated learning environment.


Flipped Classroom
Learn more effectively by using class time for small group activities and individual attention & creating opportunities for active engagement.



Module Outline

Orientation & iPad Basics
Configuring accounts & settings
Built in Apps


Module Outline

Built in Apps
Curating digital resources
Mapping apps with pedagogy & lesson planning


Module Outline

Creation tools & 21st century skills
Tools assessment & assignment


Module Outline


One Step Ahead

find ways of integrating higher order thinking skills into your current instruction.

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