School Management Software​

Need of MIS

           MIS plays a very important role in the current educational system. Your institution will be underrated if you don’t use School/College Management Software. Technologically updated institution would have a positive impact on the teachers, students, and parents.

         Also institution  authorities  are engaged in a variety of  administrative and academic activities to manage and provide a better academic experience to students effectively. Maintaining and keeping track of administrative activities is not an easy process in the fast-growing world. It requires hard work and often it is time-consuming. In order to administer day to day activities & academic operations, MIS is required.


Enhance your instituition

iCreative  is the best solution for managing daily school/College operations. It allows institutions to manage registration, admissions, academic calendar, attendance, and more. We provide you  the best management system which centralises tedious processes and it reduces the workload of staff members, enhances data security, and helps in saving time & money by taking over the time-consuming tasks, resulting in improving the productivity & cost-effectiveness of your institution.

Why iCreative?

User friendly

Multicollege solution

Easy tracking of students

Instant report Generation

Easy user interface design

Enabled on Cloud

Parents play a crucial part in the child’s education and it is necessary to keep them updated and notified about the progress of their child. Through MIS, parent notification becomes simple and straightforward. You can notify parents about their children through mobile apps, SMS etc. Therefore parents are notified instantly, and it helps to keep updated about your child’s academic performance in real-time.

Management information system which includes everything your institution will ever need

Online Classes

iCreative integrates various video conferencing softwares such as Google Meet, Zoom & Big Blue Button, to simplify online learning and teaching process.

Timetable & Attendance

Easily mark the attendance & create an error-free timetable. Do classroom-allocation, subject-allocation to teachers.

Exam & Report Cards

Effortlessly conduct and reset the online examination. Enter and update the marks, customized report card and instantly share it with parents and students.

Fees management

Automatic fee collection, calculate tax on the types of fee transactions. Imply fine on late fees, add instant discounts, and monitor fee defaulters.

Parents Collaboration

Parents can discuss their child's progress with the teacher and keep a track on their pupil's academic progress. Instant alert on upcoming events.

Online Admission

Simplifies admission tracking, document submission, batch allotment, admission form customization and more.

Library management

Automates and organize the library operations. It helps in maintaining the book details, Improves the structure of the library and enhances the efficiency of the librarian.

Transport Management

Parents and school staff members can easily track the vehicle location while the students are traveling from home to school or vice-versa.

Hostel Management

Wardens can keep a bird’s eye view on the hostel activities, allow students to choose their room based on their preferences, and eliminate the staff workload and paper wastage.

+50 other modules in iCreative

Amazing benefits of iCreative

Simple and easy to use

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to accomplish a task quickly.

Powerful features for your Institution

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution successfully.

Unlimited Student Licenses

All our plans are affordable and come with no limits on the number of students, teacher, and parent logins.

You'll love it

Manage multiple institutes from single platform

Best suited for management of Group of Institutions who want to control more than one school or college from single platform. Get 360-degree view on the updates from the entire groups which can be access from super-admin dashboard. Effortlessly  you can view the overall data and various reports in a single platform of individual institutes. This helps you to make better and faster decision to speed up your institution growth. 

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