Facts that make us Unique

  • Director, Dr. Mohit Hegde, is a technical advisor for many leading educational institutions
  • Consultants for more than 50 educational institutions
  • Training by Apple Certified Trainers

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Areas We Address

Skilling up Ahead Of time

Courses for students

Need for Skilling

Education-Employability Paradox


Lack of Skills

As per Mckinsey study, 53% of employers in India cited lack of skills as reason for entry level vacancies

Unaware of cutting-Edge Tech

Lack of access to latest technologies inhibits innovation quotient of students

Employability of Graduates

Graduates find it difficult to get employment and industries, to get quality talent to satisfy requirement


Skilling up students

Focus on improving innovation quotient, problem solving skills, communication skills, technical skills

Setting up COE

On campus centres equipped with latest technologies, labs to impart technical and experimental learning

Certification Courses

Industry certifications to improve the employability of students

Idea Innovation Lab

Idea Innovation lab

Think outside
the Box

Idea innovation Lab is an experiential, collaborative learning environment that prepares students for the rigours of their professional programs and, ultimately, for the workforce, where they’ll be equipped to make positive contributions.

The idea innovation lab supports digital tools,  latest technologies, powerful Mac Systems and team-based activities that enable students to explore authentic problems relevant to society. Innovative teaching and learning technologies are at the core of this lab to ensure that students from all streams have every opportunity to succeed.

The lab takes students through each stage of the design cycle. Similar to professionals, students identify design criteria for a particular problem, come up with potential alternatives, plan for a chosen solution, build and test a prototype, evaluate their work, and refine their solution.

Students are inspired to be creative, innovative,  think “outside the box”, and explore new concepts. Creative processes like brainstorming and design thinking can drive ideation and the development of innovations.. They transform their ideas into working prototypes. Teams of students demonstrate their projects to their peers and guides.

Students from CSE, ISE, ECE or any other stream can take advantage of the lab to design innovative solutions to problems in their domains.  

Skill Lab

Skill Lab

Skills that
make or break your career

Soft skills are a collection of productive personality traits that portray a person’s relationships in a social environment. They include the manner in which we interact with others, tackle problems, and manage our work.

Soft skills are a combination of people skills, communication abilities, attitudes, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence quotients.

Domain Lab

Domain Lab

what do you need?

Domain Knowledge

A state-of the art Mac lab that delivers knowledge on the domain, required to convert the prototype into a practical solution. The prototypes developed at Idea Innovation Lab may be implemented as mobile apps or product plans. Apple certified trainers guide the students to develop mobile apps with cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Internet Of Things.


Mobile App Development


Mobile App Development


Internet Of Things

Other Streams

Product building and Product Plan

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device, At the domain lab, Apple certified trainers train the students on iOS App Development and guide them to implement the prototype as a mobile app. The entire process of developing the app from scratch to uploading the app to Appstore, is what the students learn.

Internet of Things

IoT has created a huge market demand for development of apps. As IoT is continuously evolving ,smart cities and smart homes are coming into existence. Mobile devices function as main interface through which we interact with IoT enabled devices. Mobile devices are already empowered with sensors and applications that give great information regarding the users. Smartphones can provide information about the condition of light, orientation, location of the device, bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and NFC, etc. These parameters enable the devices to communicate with other sensors and devices.

Industry Connect Lab

Industry Connect

Gain Real-world Insights

Tech talks are organised as a part of the lab, where  experienced software developers and IT professionals, share their knowledge, tips and tricks gained over many years within the industry.  

The combined effect of gaining innovative thinking skills through the Idea Innovation lab,  ‘in-demand’ technical skills through domain lab, improved communication skills through soft skills lab and relevant project experience at Career Connect lab will ensure that the student stands out when meeting employers.

Students are guided by experienced developers. They receive hands-on training, one-to-one mentoring and practical advice throughout a real-world commercial project.  This provides a unique opportunity to gain first-hand project experience throughout the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), including client meetings, analysing business requirements, specifying and designing solutions, coding, testing and support.

The lab provides real-world insights into working in the IT industry.  Students will experience what it’s really like to work in the industry. They will learn key industry terms and communication techniques while building valuable personal industry connections.


With the knowledge gained from all the four labs, student will be skilled enough to either be employed or be an entrepreneur. A group of students may also plan to set up a start up.

Be an Entrepreneur

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

At the Idea innovation lab, students would have already gained knowledge about innovative thinking.Strategic thinking skills which deal with learning to decompose a problem to its core and reveal opportunities for growth. figuring out creative solutions and identifying the low-hanging fruits are imparted at this phase. Networking Skills, Finance Management, Branding your product, digital marketing skills are also imparted in the process of the student progressing towards becoming an entrepreneur.


Launch your StartUp

Companies which were startups, few years ago

Startup begins with an idea in mind and a passion to implement it. The journey towards success may be interspersed with barriers, difficulties, and failures. The funding for the startup may be from friends/ family, a bank loan. A successful startup receives funding from angel Investors / Venture capitalists or Government funding.

A group of students may plan to launch a startup, with the idea developed at Idea Innovation lab. We help students create a business model with the idea and connect them to Venture capitalists or apply to Government funding.

Venture Capitalists/ Government funding


A venture capitalist (VC) is a private equity investor that provides funding to companies demonstrating high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake. Venture capitalist buys a stake in an entrepreneur’s / startup’s idea, provide financial support until it stabilises.

We help students  connect with Venture Capitalists and skill them up to present their business models effectively.