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"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates."


What do we help you with?

Innovation impacts every aspect of learning, teaching and environment.Tracking the progress in each of these aspects requires setting up goals and new ways of measurement. Measuring a range of practices  will help to track the progress and support continuous innovation. During the Leadership Meeting, we will help you  choose and order the priorities of your institution and determine ways you could measure progress in relation 
to your vision


What does it lead to?

Identify the goals

With technology impacting all the three domains of learning, teaching, and environment, setting up a goal that is aligned to the vision, as well as a timeline to achieve it is of utmost importance. 

Measure - Set Priorities
Results - Measure

Capture results

New ways will be required to measure the impact of technology on teaching, learning, and the environment. Determining ways to capture these results are identified and documented.

Measure Student Growth

Technology helps students gain 21st Century skills – Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Literacy Skills, and Life Skills. Skills to be measured and the ways to measure them need to be identified.

Measure - student progress
Measure - Teacher Growth

Measure Teacher Growth

Teachers initially participate in Professional learning to explore various approaches to redefine the teaching and learning experience. They enhance their digital skills, creativity in teaching, innovative pedagogical skills, and technological skills. Methods to measure these are discussed.

Measure the impact of Environment

The environment impacts the teachers, students, and other staff. A reliable and secure environment inspires teachers and students to be innovative. Setting up goals about the things to measure and ways to measure are the prime areas of focus.

Measure - Environment
Measure - Share progress

Share the progress

Progressing towards innovation is an exciting journey. Sharing this progress with Community members brings excitement and inspires others.

prime components of an institution


Leadership Meeting

This phase of the Leadership meeting involves establishing ongoing opportunities to measure a range of practices that will help you track your school’s progress and support continuous innovation. Identifying the changes you want to see in all the three aspects of teaching-learning, and the environment, determining the ways to capture results, committing resources and time to perform the measurement, and planning means of sharing the progress are identified with the help of guiding questions. It would also help to identify the current stage of the institution’s measurement strategy- Define, Develop or Sustain.

Identifying the Current state of Measurement Strategy


Goals are aligned to the vision with multiple measures identified, designed to show progress and delineate success.


Data is being gathered and analysed ​
to capture progress and the need for course corrections. Early successes ​
are celebrated and communicated.


Data is collected from diverse sources, then analysed and used to inform areas for growth and expansion. Successes are routinely celebrated, providing new baselines for further innovation

Measurement Strategy

“What to measure” and “How to measure them” are the prime areas of discussion in this phase of Leadership discussion. The inclusion of technology in the school will empower the students and teachers with various skills. Teamwork, Communication and creation skills, Personalisation of Learning, Critical Thinking, Real – World Engagement, College and Career Readiness, Coding skills, Mind and Body Wellness, Global Citizenship, Entrepreneurship may be some of the parameters chosen for measurement.Ways of measurement may be through Focus Group, Class Observation, Global Readiness, Formative Assessments, Grade Data, Lesson Plan Review, Portfolios, Badges, and School Data. Documenting them would be the goal of this phase.

Outcomes of the Leadership Meeting

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