Culture - guided by the vision

"True change requires a focus on creating school culture that supports academic, social, emotional, and character development of children"

-Maurice Elias

What do we help you with?

Culture impacts every aspect of teaching , learning and environment of the school. It depicts the values, ethos, attitudes, norms, traditions and beliefs of the staff and students. It outlines the way the teachers, student, parents interact, the manner and schedule of these interactions, and also the design of the hallway  We help you to capture a snapshot of your school’s culture. During the Leadership Meeting, we provide you with guiding questions that leads to understanding the culture of your school, identify new initiatives that supports the vision, enhanced community engagement, and anticipate reaction from community to change.


What does it lead to?

Alignment of culture with Vision

With the school’s vision for learning, teaching and environment, already defined,  as discussed in the previous blog (Vision), the culture of the school has to be aligned with it. It may require new initiatives to be introduced.

Culture 1

Creation of new shared beliefs

Articulate school’s belief about about learning, teaching and environment, so that all the community members appreciate it. This builds a community of individuals who actively contribute to a culture of innovation.

Anticipation of Reaction to Change

Realigning the culture according to the Vision, will require a few cultural changes too. Reaction to the change by the community  may be varied , depending on the current culture. Anticipating this before implementation would be a great step in the direction of progress.

culture 5
Culture 6

Culture around Technology

Recognising the essential aspects of the institution’s culture, ways to nurture them, around technology at the school, and devising a plan to realign it with Vision.

New initiatives

Reviewing the practices currently followed and making a decision to Keep/ Revise/ Change them through discussions is the next step forward towards progress. Including new initiatives like tech integration and professional learning will lead to innovation.

Culture 9
Leadership 4

Cordial Relationship

Establishing a cordial relationship between leadership team, teachers, students and parents plays a prominent role in  acceptance of changes and implementation of new initiatives. Reviewing the mode, frequency and structure of communication between each of them and making revisions if needed will ease the process of bringing a cultural change.

Identification of areas needing transformation

 Be it physical aspects like School Design, Hallway decorations or cultural aspects like the frequency of communication between the leadership team , teachers, students and parents, co-scholastic activities conducted would require a relook. Identifying and transforming them would ensure progress towards innovation.

Culture 2

Leadership Meeting

The next step in Leadership meeting is to get a detailed plan for approach based on the leadership  element – Culture, It helps in identifying the stage in which the school’s culture is, at present – Define, Develop or Sustain. It also helps to document and implement further steps in the direction of innovation.

Identifying the Current state of culture


The need for cultural change within the organisation is understood, and work is being done to create consensus around the change


A culture that’s guided by the organisation’s vision is evident and growing.


A culture that embraces change and innovation exists throughout the organisation with few or no outliers

prime components of an institution

Capturing a cultural snapshot

With the guiding questions, we help you compile an insight into the existing culture and the changes needed to proceed towards innovation. It helps in documenting the driving force behind the culture of learning, the culture of teaching, aspects that motivate the teachers, essential aspects of your culture, and ways of nurturing them.

Outcomes of the Leadership Meeting

Leadership Elements

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