Admission Management

Need of Admission Management System

Students are central to every educational institute and admission system/ process is an entry point for the new students. Today, most students and parents simply scour the internet for course information and prefer to apply for the courses they are interested in online. The student’s admission process is getting increasingly complex with interested learners applying from different geographical locations, applying for a myriad combination of subjects, applying using various discounts and scholarships etc.

In this scenario, it is difficult to handle such a large volume of student’s admission in thetraditional methods. There is an increasing need for using technology and adapting to an online admission management system. Online admission process is critical for branding  of the  institute  and  it  

can also enhance its ability to attract right students. Online Admission creates a unified platform that is accessible by students, parents and other stake holders in real-time. It helps in huge savings of administration costs as well as bring in transparency increasing the efficiency of the institute.

Digitize the entire admission Journey

Digital Admission Process

Manually managing the admission procedure is an overwhelming task for the  administrators. Using iCreative- Student admission managemnet system, instituitions can digitize the whole operation and improve the efficiency of the administrators. It simplifies and streamline the chaotic and time-consuming admission process.  

Features of Online Admission Management

Streamlined Admission Process

  • Customize the admission form according to your institution needs.
  • Submit documents digitally & pay the admission fee online. 
  • Set students related immediate contact and direct emails/SMS accordingly.
  • Send timely updates to parents or students regarding the admission test date, results, admission student and more.

Centralised Data Management

  • Store the academic records of all the students including alumni.
  • Essential documents related to each students can be saved in a digital format.
  • Generate custom reports which can include any profile information of the student and limit accessibility to specific users.
  • Save additional information of students & employees in a click.

Manage Admission Enquiries

  • With the Enquiry feature, parents or students can enquire about the course before filling out a detailed registration form. 
  • Create and manage different stages of an enquiry. Assign enquiries to counselors to manage the process.
  • From the dashboard, the admin can keep a track on the sources of leads, gather insightful information from the source report & plan for future marketing campaigns.

Streamline Applicant Registration

  • With Applicant Registration feature, students no longer need to wait in long queues to collect and submit forms.
  • With a click of a mouse button, you  can fill the admission form online and submit the relevant digital copy of documents in one go. 
  • Reduces the chances of error while filling out the form and eliminates the unnecessary paperwork.

Benefits of Admission Management System

Complete overview on activities around admission, which help in better decision making.

Secure records and documents of students from mismanagement and data loss.

Demolishes geographical barriers, as applicants can submit form from anywhere at anytime.

Parent Collaboration

Parents can discuss their child’s progress with the teacher and keep a track on their pupil’s academic progress. Instant alert on upcoming events.