Parent Collaboration

Most parents like to stay aware of all the day-to-day activities of their children. Communicating with parents about their child’s performance and the institution’s vision remains crucial. With the MIS messaging and communication methods, it becomes much easier for parents and teacher to track and maintain student growth on the right path. With the right approach parents and teacher can bring most out of student and navigate his potential on the right things. When the parents know what is happening in the school /College through the online MIS, they feel more  connected to the school.

How parents can stay connected with school through iCreative

iCreative gives more insights about institution management and student's progress. Parents mobile apps keep updated about upcoming school notices and events. Parents can track all school-related activities of their kids such as  exam  timetable, results, class timetable, fees submission etc. It also allows parents to communicate directly with the teachers when needed, thus increasing parental engagement in the life of the students. Such transparency and frequency in communication helps the students improve their academic performance as well.


1. Schedule PTA meetings

Using iCreative,  you can alert parents about the upcoming parent-teacher meeting dates so that parents can block these dates for school. Any changes in the time or date of the meetings can also be quickly shared with the parents, thus avoiding any miscommunication.

2. Access to progress reports

Instead of waiting for the annual report card day, iCreative report card can help parents get real-time access to the child’s in-class performance. This ensures that any gap in student’s learning and understanding can be identified immediately and parents can help with the required tutoring before the gap becomes a critical problem.

3. Stay updated on your child attendance reports

Parents can stay updated on their child’s attendance report. iCreative can send automated text messages and emails so that parents can be immediately alerted if their child were to miss a day of school or college.

4. Stay updated important announcements

Instead of relying on the age of system of communication through a paper, the messaging system in iCreative can be used to send messages to the parents about all important school updates. The school can even schedule automated reminders, closer to the date to prompt parents to complete essential actions such as payment reminders, permission reminders.

5. Live bus tracking

We live in uncertain times and many parents want to constantly stay updated on the whereabouts of their child – including the times they travel to school or travel for school trips and picnics. iCreative shares a detailed route map with parents and alerts them when the child boards and gets off the bus. It also sends alerts to parents when the vehicle is speeding or meets with an accident.

Messaging System

iCreative has a fast, secure, and cost-effective inbuilt communication system which strengthens the relationship among parents, teachers, and students.