Exam Management

Why Exam Management System?

Examination Management is an integral part of academic institutions as exams are considered as an important step in the learning progress of a student. Planning and conducting examinations requires a lot of focus and preparation. Examination management system  can reduce the workload of administrators by planning the examinations, preparing examination timetables,  and sending notifications to students about upcoming examinations.

Track Students Progress

Exams & Report Cards

With iCreative Exam management System, institutes can conduct descriptive and objective type examination, generate multiple reports. It reduces workload for staffs, provide instant feedback on student progress and access to view their results in a single click. We support  different grading systems like  CCE, GPA, CWA, ICSE, and Normal grading standards. The report cards of the students will be generated based on the grading system selected while creating the courses. 

Online exams

Online Exams

The online exam management system provides a secure and safe way to conduct examinations for multiple students at the same time. The questions can be created and uploaded days or hours before the examination. Students can access the questions and start answering at the present time for the examinations. Online exams can be conducted for thousands of students at the same time if you have high speed internet connection.  This makes it easy for you to conduct online examinations as the students can log in from their home to participate in the exam.

Features of Exam Management System

Exam Management

Generate Detailed Reports

Gradebook Management

Online Examination

Time Table & attendance Management System

Easily mark the attendance & create an error-free timetable. Do classroom-allocation, subject-allocation to teachers.