Time Table & Attendance Management System

Why Timetable Management System?

When the  academic year begins the pressure of scheduling and arranging time slots also starts. More than the subjects taught on a specific day, the timetable is a complicated tool beyond its perceived simplicity. With a simple integration of an efficient Timetable Management system it becomes easier to plan, schedule, publish, and maintain overall activities in an academic year.

Error Free Timetable

iCreative timetable management system helps institiutions of various sizes in scheduling and managing timetables flawlessly. Timetable is immediately posted to all the Students/Parents and all the respective teachers of the institute. In a single click, admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent. Once the timetable is ready, the administrators can give teachers the privilege of taking attendance.

Features of Timetable Management System

Features of Attendance Management System

Online Classes

iCreative integrates various video conferencing softwares such as Google Meet, Zoom & BigBlueButton, to simplify online learning and teaching process.