Transport Management

Why Transport Management System?

For most schools, transport system is basic and rudimentary offering only the basic drop-off and pickup services. A student’s safety is the topmost priority of the school and duty towards parents. Also, keeping the record of the transport services, defining their routes, managing fees, initiating the collection of fees and scheduling is a tiresome task if done manually.
One essential aspect of creating a safer school environment is to invest in a right transport management system that ensures a secured transport of students while simultaneously giving a complete overview on student’s fee, route, personal details, attendance, and other related reports. This data can be an assuring factor for the parents and the school management to track the daily status of the student.

Enhance student safety & Track vehicle status

Student’s safety is the topmost priority of educational institute. With school bus transport management module, the parents and school staff members can easily track the vehicle location while the students are traveling from home to school or vice-versa. In a centralized place, staff can maintain vehicle records, easily keep a track on transport expenses, and streamline the bus fees collection process.

Features of Transportation Management System

Hostel Management System

Delivering safety and comfort to the students is the primary responsibility of every schools and college.