Hostel Management

Why Hostel Management System?

Hostel management requires close maintenance and supervision of all the inmates. Besides the safety and security of the students you need to keep a track of the student count, maintain their details, allocate rooms, cancel admissions, and much more. Allocating rooms manually is cumbersome in big hostels. It requires regular information updates, preventing redundancy and inconsistency of data. This calls the need for effective hostel management software that helps you manage all the activities of your hostel.

Easily allocate rooms, Monitor hostel fees and Maintain hostel records

Delivering safety and comfort to the students is the primary responsibility of every schools and college, and iCreative hostel management system module is the key to that. With this module, wardens can keep a bird’s eye view on the hostel activities, allow students to choose their room based on their preferences, and eliminate the staff workload and paper wastage.

Features of Hostel Information Management System

Library Management System

Automates and organize the library operations. It helps in maintaining the book details, Improves the structure of the library and enhances the efficiency of the librarian.