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Content Filtering

Content Filtering

Why you need content filtering ?

The Internet has transformed the way the world works. From individuals booking holidays to friends staying in touch. From organizations dealing with customers to students being taught in school; many activities are hard to imagine without the web to support them.

However, Internet access can create risks both to organisations and to the people within them. What are these threats and how can web access control protect you from them?

Why choose Cyberoam?

Cyberoam – a Sophos Company, secures organizations with its wide range of product offerings at the network gateway. Cyberoam leverages the power of multi-core processors, offering enterprise-grade performance, in its appliances.


1.Human Layer 8 Identity-based Security

  • Secures dynamic IP environments like Wi-Fi and instances where users share the endpoints
  • User identity-based decision making prevents errors associated with IP address-based policies
  • Simplifies audit requirements with instant user identification

2.FUSION Technology

  • Blends Security, Connectivity, Productivity
  • Provides integrated perimeter security

3.Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Faster up-times, reduced latency, simplified configuration, supports rapid network growth
  • Supports creation of work profile-based groups across distributed locations
  • Enables secure hosting of servers inside LAN and DMZ, efficient use of limited public address pool to host services
  • Supports applications that work on real-time updates like stock updates for financial institutions
  • High throughput

4.Cyberoam iView (Logging and Reporting)

Aggregated & Comprehensive Reporting – Offers aggregated reporting across multiple devices and locations, providing 1200+ reports that give administrators a clear view of user & network activities and help identify trends that enable faster decision making.

Security Management – Allows identification of network attacks, their source and destination, enabling rapid action through a quick glance at the iView dashboard, its drill-down reports and identity-based logging and reporting

Log Management – Logs and archives terabytes of data from multiple devices at distributed locations with smart indexing and easy search facilities, enabling quick retrieval, audits and forensics.

Identity-based Reporting – Offers visibility into user activities with reports such as top users consuming maximum bandwidth for uploads and downloads, top web users, users doing unproductive web surfing, users accessing P2P and other risky applications, top attackers and victims, and more.

Compliance Management – Saves compliance costs and efforts with single-click access to reports that help in meeting requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX. Easy access to inbuilt reports allows monitoring of security violations in networks, accelerating response to stay regulatory compliant.

Forensic Analysis – Enables reconstruction of events that occurred at the time of a security breach through iView logs and reports. This reduces cost of investigation and analysis and minimizes etwork downtime while gathering historical information.

Compatibility with wide range of devices/solutions – Aggregates logs / reports of network devices like Linux IPtables/Netfilter Firewall, Cyberoam security appliances, other UTM and NGFW appliances; HTTP Proxies like Squid; and all Syslog-compatible devices deployed across geographies from a single location, thereby making analysis and comprehension far simpler than in case of separate solutions.

5.Cyberoam Central Console

Centralized Policy Management & Security Updates- CCC simplifies security management by enabling centralized policy creation and implementation and signature updates for Cyberoam network security appliances deployed at branch offices and client offices for all security features like Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Anti-Virus scanning, and more. This allows real-time protection against zero-hour threats in enterprises and reduces response time against newly identified threats across multiple customer networks of MSSPs.

With a single, web-based GUI across all security features, CCC ensures centralized policy implementation, simplifying security management and maintaining high levels of security across all customer locations and remote offices despite the lack of technical resources at these locations. Update of rules and policies can be centrally scheduled for individual or groups of network security appliances.

Intelligent Grouping of Appliances – CCC provides flexibility to manage security across various offices and clients by allowing meaningful grouping of security appliances based on their geography, Cyberoam network security appliance models, Firmware versions, organizations (especially for MSSPs), and service subscriptions. Enhanced with Web 2.0 benefits, the dynamic views in CCC provide at-a-glance information on the dashboard that helps in managing, searching and sorting appliances by firmware versions, appliance models and all appliances. This helps in quick monitoring and action. CCC offers flexibility in sorting appliance views on the dashboard by allowing customizable selection criteria for sorting.

Template-based Configuration – CCC allows creation of policy templates based on best practices for re-use by enterprises and MSSPs. Template-based policies allow enterprises to extend security policies for new branch offices in minimal time and enable MSSPs to apply vertical-focused policies for their new customers in minimal time.

CCC API – CCC API enables enterprises and MSSPs to leverage their existing Business Process Automation tools and IT Infrastructure monitoring & ticketing systems, and efficiently integrate with CCC to derive the benefits of improved usability and efficiency of overall operations. CCC API integration with ConnectWise PSA strengthens Cyberoam’s offerings for MSSPs by enabling automatic ticket generation and resolution of key CCC alerts and events in ConnectWise PSA, allowing accelerated process automation for managed security services.

Change Control and Logging – CCC allows tracking and rolling back configuration changes of managed Cyberoam appliances. Enterprises and MSSPs can audit policy or device changes to review compliance and track deviations from the required security policy.

Integration with Cyberoam iView – CCC can be integrated with Cyberoam iView, eliminating the need for separate consoles to control and manage Cyberoam security appliances. CCC automatically syncs administrators and managed appliances under CCC with Cyberoam iView, reducing complexities, time and efforts.

Role-based Administration – CCC enables enterprises and MSSPs to set role-based administration for CCC hardware and virtual appliances as well as individual Cyberoam security appliance and group of Cyberoam security appliances.

Audit Logs and Alerts – CCC’s Log Viewer offers logs and views of administrator actions on CCC as well as dispersed Cyberoam network security appliances, which helps in investigative analysis, supports regulatory compliance as well as keeps track of historical activities across distributed networks.

Email alerts can be set for individual or group of Cyberoam security appliances across branch offices and client offices based on expiry of subscription modules, excess disk usage, IPS and virus threat counts, unhealthy surfing hits and other parameters. CCC’s alert configuration facility helps enterprises and MSSPs reduce false alarms. Administrators can set an alert when the CPU usage reaches above 90% for a specific time period (say 20 minutes) instead of setting an alert when it momentarily peaks to 90% – which can trigger a false alarm.

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